Post frenectomy, your infant may be fussy and inconsistent in her feedings. This is due to discomfort and is normal. In this article, Dr. Stas Pavlenko, of District Dental, reviews how to soothe your baby post operative.

Time needed: 5 minutes

The Best Methods to Soothe Your Baby Post Frenectomy

  1. Skin to skin contact

    Skin to skin contact comforts your baby. This increases oxytocin levels, lowering pain sensitivity. Make sure your baby gets all the comfort she needs.

  2. Infant pain relievers

    Pain relievers such as acetaminophen can offer your baby some pain relief. However, remember to talk to your family physician before giving your baby a pain reliever.frenectomy-newborn-baby-crying

  3. Organic coconut oil

    Coconut oil is safe for any age. Place the coconut oil in the fridge, then dab small amounts on your baby’s wound 4-6 times per day. Studies have shown that coconut oil is an antimicrobial agent that kills microorganisms or stops their growth.

  4. Breast milk ice chips

    Put some breast milk in a baggie. Release the air, flatten the bag and place in the freezer. Once frozen, you can hold the frozen chips on your baby’s wound and let it melt. The cooling sensation will offer your baby temporary pain relief.

  5. Homeopathic remedies

    Homeopathic remedies stimulates the body to heal itself. Prepared from natural plant and mineral extracts, homeopathic remedies are gentle on the body and produce minimal side effects. As a matter of fact, these remedies are ideal for infants, pregnant and nursing women, as well as individuals sensitive to chemicals, and those looking for a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals.

    Recommended homeopathic remedies:
    Bach Kids Rescue Remedy
    Chamomilla: Boiron Camilia single doses
    Arnica Montana 30C
    Staphysagria 6C

    As with chemical pharmaceuticals, always consult with your family physician before giving to your baby.


Although rare, call the office (780-429-1076) or text Dr. Stas to the number you were given if your baby is experiencing:

Fever greater than 38°C

Uncontrolled bleeding

Refusal to feed (bottle and/or breast) for over eight hoursFor more information on infant frenectomies download our Home Care Information For Post-op Frenectomy guide or, check out Dr. Stas Pavlenko as he discusses the procedure: